Yoga Block

Lend extra support to even the most difficult poses and stretches with our easy-to-grip, lightweight cork yoga block.


Ships in 1 business day.

Yoga Strap

Expand your range of motion. Our no-stretch cotton strap helps you deepen your stretches and hold poses for longer.


Ships in 1 business day.

Heart Rate Monitor

Make the most of your workouts with the Tempo Heart Rate Monitor. Designed for comfort and accuracy, this exercise essential delivers a real-time reading of your heart rate as you train with your Tempo, so you know exactly when to step up the pace—or when to take a step back.


Ships in 1 business day.

5mm Workout Mat

Train in premium comfort. Our mat features a polyurethane top layer and rubber base.


Ships in 1 business day.

Recovery Roller

Our high-density foam roller is designed to provide a tension-reducing massage for tired muscles.


Ships in 1 business day.

Tempo Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style with our double-insulated, stainless-steel, 500 ml water bottle.


Ships in 1 business day.

Tempo Sweat Towel

Tempo coaches making you sweat? Dry off with our 100% cotton towel.


Ships in 1 business day.

Flex and Flow Kit

Designed to build balance and power, increase mobility, range of motion, and aid recovery, the kit includes:

  • One Tempo 5mm Workout Mat

  • One high-density foam Tempo Recovery Roller 

  • Two lightweight cork Tempo Yoga Blocks 

  • One no-stretch Tempo Yoga Strap

  • Four Resistance Bands (light & heavy in M & L sizes)


    Ships in 1 business day.